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Guardian Angel Program

Maybe you have a pet of your own, perhaps you lost one at some point in your life and have never gotten another, or maybe your heart is so big it can never run out of room to care for another creature.

Our Guardian Angel Program is designed to allow a person to sponsor a pet at the one time cost of $50.00. This fee will purchase special toys and treats for the animal you have chosen and the sponsor will receive monthly letters informing what they have been up to, if they have learned a special trick, gone on a trek, and how they are feeling, along with photographs. When the animal is adopted, you will be the first to know of their joy.

A Guardian Angel may also come up to spend some one-on-one time with that animal, take them home for an overnighter, for a day hike, or nothing at all. The sponsor, hopefully, will take enough interest in their orphan to promote it being available for adoption; a photo in your wallet, placing the information on a bulletin board at work, etc.

If you are interested in participating, please let our staff know. You will be acknowledged with a plaque on the kennel housing your angel.