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About Us


Bright Eyes Care & Rehab Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to animal care and protection. Our goal is to promote responsible animal ownership within the community and to assume those responsibilities when others are unable or unwilling to do so. All of the programs that we offer are supported by contributions from the public and members of our organization. Those programs include pet adoption, humane education, pet therapy, spay/neuter assistance, obedience training, and any information requested by pet owners.

 Mission Statement:

We shall shelter, nurture, and care for abused, neglected, unwanted and stray animals, helping them to regain trust in humankind, assist when asked, and intervene when necessary  by:

*Working to rehabilitate animals with special needs and problems, whether physical or emotional, and provide them with new qualities to make them adoptable.

*Implementing school and public programs and services to promote responsible pet ownership.

*Placing animals into humane environments where they will receive food, water, shelter, veterinary care and the necessary human contact to fill their needs. We will not tolerate living conditions where they will be chained or confined in an inadequate space for long periods.

*Providing a spay/neuter program to the public and altering the animals in our shelter prior to adoption.

*Being advocates for animals, speaking for those who are innocent that cannot speak for themselves.