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  1. Pet of the Month

    April 28, 2017


    Thelma and Louise, that’s mom and I. We were on a grand adventure from who knows where, but the night was a hazard, dark and moonless, and us in the middle of nowhere. Several vehicles came close to hitting us, but one did stop and turn around. We were glad to see them and loaded up quickly. Taken to the shelte at 11:00pm we were tucked away for the night. With an exam the next day, it was quite evident that both of us were in our heat cycles, UGH! So, a bit longer in isolation until we could be safely spayed. I am a bit needy and worry when Thelma is away from me, even though we are kenneled separately. I love to be inside on my soft bed, one of my favorite times. Housebroken, playful, and liking tummy rubs, I would make a super, duper companion for an active family. I do jump up with excitement but am working on that issue.