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  1. Pet of the Month

    November 13, 2016







    They say that the third time is a charm, and that’s what I’m hedging my bets on. I have been in a few homes, the first, no time for me; the second, a broken family; and the 3rd…well, I did a big no-no and harmed some little lambs. I am a total aerobic freak with tons of energy and needing lots to do. Agility training, obstacle courses, a good old frisbee for hours on end, and lots of run time will keep me happy. I also need mental challenges in the form of obedience, tricks, and work. I am gorgeous with a pink and black nose, setting off my dark brown eyes. I could be either an indoor dog…with plenty to do, or an indoor/outdoor one, which would better suit my needs. So, put on your tennie runners and together, we will stay fit and trim.