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June Newsletter

JUNE 2016 newsletter

Pet of the Month Bitsy







A terribly friendly dog gathered up one of my siblings and brought it to its owner. They were concerned enough to look for other wee kittens in the general vicinity. Well, there I was, scared and a bit hissy. I’m not ready to be away from my Mom just yet, but I’ll never see her again either. I’ve since adopted a super nice substitute mommy, named Pip. You see, she assumed the role of caretaker when I was bundled in a blanket to socialize with people. Pip would purr and lick my head and ears, and since we were both in need of special attention, it worked out just ducky. We now room together and she even lets me nurse off of her empty spigots. I am tiny and cute, and could certainly use a quiet house with lots of love.


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