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February 2015 Newsletter

February 2015 Newsletter

February Pet of the Month









Blossom and her sister, Willow, were survivors of a fire in a rural area. Sadly, the owner was out of state when he left the mama dog and six pups in a shed with a space heater to keep them warm. A fire broke out, the mama was only able to move three of the pups to a crack in the boards to the outside. She perished with the other three. We lose the little male on Christmas night, very sadly. It was difficult going as they were burned, hair melted to parts of their skin, and smoke inhalation damaged. Blossom could not eat for four day and her being a newborn it was indeed critical. With the help of IV fluids to keep her hydrated and rubbing a bit of karo syrup on her gums to keep her blood sugar up, we struggled, getting up every hour. She’s a little toughie and made it! Had a few vomiting issues afterward for another two weeks, but well on the mend now. Chubby and now eating some puppy food too, she is active, loves to romp in the back yard, chasing after big dogs so they will play with her. Likes to play tug and wrestle with Willow…..pees a lot as puppies her age will do, but has gotten a clean bill of health from the vet. Hair is growing back after burns healed. I always tell them both that their “Mama would be very proud of them”, as are we. She has a nose that won’t quit sniffing. Would probably have strong hunting abilities.
Available after Valentine’s Day.

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