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July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014

July Pet of the Month

Java Bean






Java Bean is a small, young, male kitten. When we received a call from the veterinarian that an owner wanted to euthanize their kittty because it had an upper respiratory infection and ear mites, she immediately empathized and called us. With the permission of the owner we changed the direction of his fate. I have never been around a cat that could roll with the punches like little Java Bean can. Happy-go-lucky, he is exactly that….lucky. Missing some hair because of the itchiness of the mites and missing another part of his anatomy, he is still quite becoming and will reach for anyone passing by. He is quite a messy eater though, spilling and playing with his food. He is in good health now, great spirits, and ready to rock and roll in a new home. Quite attentive to us humans and cuddly. He will never cease to entertain you. He will always be on the very petite side.




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