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February 2017 Newsletter

Feb. 2017 B.E. Newsletter

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Found along the side of Hwy 220, my littermates scattered when the car stopped to try and gather us. I lagged behind a bit, the smaller of them, so I was captured, and not very happy about it either. No one else was found. I was then taken to the shelter, but was sooooo tiny, at about 2 weeks of age. I hissed and spat big time, so they gave me space. Still being bottle fed, but not thriving very well, I was put in the pen with the four other kittens that had also just arrived. One of the 3 week old kittens, Fionna, immediately began cleaning my face and ears and acting all motherly to me. That comforted me a lot. I camped out with them, and when I finally decided I could be a kitty, they noticed a strangeness to my gait. Off to the vet I went, and the x-rays revealed that I have a fractured femur that was already beginning to calcify around the break. At this point, I could have it re-broken and pinned, or let it heal as is, as us kitties are great healers. We all opted on the latter. So, I rest more that the others, am given extra formula for more calcium consumption, but may always walk crickled. Have learned to purr and enjoy my tummy rubs. I need you, a very special person.


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