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Yo! What’s happenin? I was mindin’ my own beeswax when it got really hot out. I found a decent lookin’ house, and poked my nose in the back yard. What do you think I saw? A very large container of fresh water and some grub. Made myself right at home. Later on, when the lady of the house came home, she felt kinda sorry for me and fed me again. Well….I was thinkin’ about puttin’ down some new roots, but accidently chewed a hose and such. Not that it was my fault, that darn hose just happened to get too close to me and I needed to protect myself, that’s all. Then I recognized other hoses and took care of them before they sneaked off. Long of the story made short, was then considered destructive to those green varmints she was fond of and too big for her to drag me off, so I came to the shelter where I am now looking for a nice home. They mentioned that I should probably go to a place with an underground sprinkler system. Not sure what that means, but I’m game for anything. Lots of energy and large, would do well in an active home and big yard. But…sure do need someone to play with me too.

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